02 November 2010

magazine heaven

i have a problem... i'm addicted to magazines. just the other day i purchased three– frankie, DQ and wedding style guide (ok so i'm already a mrs, but the lovely design is hard to resist!). AND that is why this would truly be my kind of heaven.

Magazine Library at maison AOYAMA Tokyo on 09.11~10.31.2010 from Magazine Library on Vimeo.

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03 July 2010

what type are you?

According to this fun test by Pentagram it appears my personality is matched to the typeface Archer Hairline, and i have to say it's just my kind of font. Here's the description of the typeface...

Archer Hairline is a modern typeface with a straight-forward appearance but one that has outbreaks of elegance and tiny dots of emotions only apparent on close examination. If you are someone who is outwardly composed but will occasionally run into the bathroom for a quick laugh or quiet cry before emerging to the world outwardly composed again, then Archer Hairline is your type.

Fluffy McCloud

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23 May 2010

11 May 2010

la cerise sur le gateau

i adore the quirky styling from la cerise sur le gateau! and what is it about moustaches that i love so much?

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03 May 2010

rocking rabbit

words cannot express how much i love this "playful rendition of the traditional rocking horse"!

27 April 2010

danish inspiration

yet another cool danish home. love how they manage to keep it bright and minimalist yet never boring or clinical.

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24 April 2010

05 April 2010

today i'm loving... #1

today i'm loving ...
1) the beautifully crafted tables and stools by superfolk (OMG! OMG!)
2) miki**'s dreamy photostream
3) the pretty, loose & layered clothing style of mori girls
4) this cute skirt pattern
5) this neat catch-all shelf idea

images from superfolk.

04 April 2010

pure white love

AMAZING townhouse. Love the detached office/studio space and central courtyard. And all that white, and light! More here.

images from elding oscardson.